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Welcome To Aktin Laboratories
Aktin Laboratories is the independent R&D division of Aktin Chemicals Inc.
With rich isolation & purification experience in the past years and sophisticated column seperation facilities,
Aktin scientists have successfully isolated and purified more than 1000 compounds from the natural resources laboratory facilities and pilot plants.
As a responsible leader in phytochemical industry,
we have been supplying the industries and academia with reliable reference materials
and bulk phytochemicals for many years.

Aktin leadership has very rich overseas experience and close connections with our international partners.
All Aktin employees are strictly trained to understand the importance of respecting the local cultures and following the international business rules
so you would never have any cultural concerns doing business with Aktin.
Based on science and innovation, located in the beautiful city of hibiscus—Chengdu, China,
Aktin is striving to better understand our mother nature,
better serve the industries and better lead the future.