With the passion and deep love for phytochemicals industry, aktin’s scientists have been dedicated themselves in developing and producing high qualified products for our worldwide customers. They take few decades as one day, it is not just happy but also pride when they successfully found, isolated or synthesized the ingredients from natural resources.Thousands of phytochemicals have been found by Aktin’s Scientists, and the number have been rapidly growing every day.

    Now, aktin has the independent research & development center in Nongquan district Chengdu, with 5 sets Preparation HPLC, equipments for isolation and purification, full sets of analysis equipment from MP, Optical Rotation, TLC, HPLC, GC, NMR, MS System. Aktin has the ability of providing our customer one stop service from Milligram scale to Pilot Scale for high value-added products.

    Aktin also has its own factory in Zitong town, Mianyang City with the area more than 22,000 square meters with large volume of reaction, preparation and analysis facilities. Therefore, Aktin can guarantee the capacity and quality for some commercial pilot products in a certain period.

    In addition, Aktin's team memebers are also good at taking advantage of global resources, to help our customers to find the right raw materials, then find the right compounds further. 

    Aktin is always confident that we can be the trustful and friendly phytochemicals partner for your esteemed company, research institution, university. We welcome all the friends comes from the world to have a coopration relationship with Aktin, no only business but also friendship.